Hello June!

At our largest facility in Grand Ronde, we are continually developing and adding new features. If you haven't noticed yet, we have a great new 24/7 surveillance system so you can feel confident knowing your vehicles are safe and secure! We also provide a secured 360 degree fence & keypad entry gate, AND new bright street lights to keep the property well lit and visible.

Most of us have been directly impacted due to the pandemic, unfortunately. At Star Storage we like to find a silver-lining in things, so, what better time than now to start cleaning out forgotten items at home with all your spare time! Call today to secure a safe place to keep your beloved items that you just don't have space for!

Weekly storage giggle: You know you've made it when your storage unit is like going to your very own private retail store!

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All sizes of brand new, climate controlled storage units are now available at our Star Storage Grand Ronde location! All units are easily accessible with the ability to drive right up to your roll-up